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5 Ways to ROCK your business in 2021!

Want to ROCK your business this year? Here is a short video I made with 5 ways to ROCK your business in 2021!
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3 Essential accessories for great Smartphone photography

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5 great gift idea this holiday season for the photographer in your life!

What to buy the photography enthused in your life? Don't buy them that silly lens coffee mug! Here are some ideas your photographer will LOVE receiving as a holiday gift!
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Wow! Money DOES grow on trees!!

Another suceesful Personal Branding Photography System photoshoot is complete - this one is for Cyndia Rivera, a financial coach and owner of Family Finances Redesgined. Here is how we used our one of a kind Personal Branding Photography System to create relevant, engaging and fun images for Cyndia's advertising and marketing needs.
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Why I got out of my car to do the happy dance in the middle of nowhere

Print competitions are hard for me. Truth be told, submitting my images feels like I am sending my children to war. But I do it anyway, because this is the best way to improve and grow as a photographer. And because I am working on my Master Photographer degree, and this is the way to earn it. Here are the results of my 2020 International Print Competition image submissions.
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