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What is your color of love?

What is your favorite color in the world? We want to photograph you in it!
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What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? 💖

This year, how about celebrating Valentine's Day by beingpart of our unique and creative art project? 🖌️📸
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My dog will never sit for a picture!

Whenever people see our pet portraits they say: ' Oh sobeautiful! But - this dog is obviously trained and well behaved - MY DOG WILLNEVER SIT LIKE THIS FOR A PICTURE'.
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Living the dream: earning a living doing what you love

Returning from the national photography conferenceyesterday, an email was waiting for me in my inbox that an article Iinterviewed for a few months ago is now published. 💻
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Did you know I was a heavy smoker?

I was only 15 when I got hooked on cigarettes, and it tookme 15 years to be able to quit. 
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