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Hey dad! You! Yes, you!

Hey dad! You! Yes, you! If you are a father - I am talking to you. When is the last time you stopped and asked your children if they think you are a good dad?Try it, what you hear from the mouth of babes may surprise you.
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No idea what kind of Branding photos you need? We can help.

When a small business owner reaches out to us for branding photos they have no idea on what they want or need. That’s ok, that is why I created the Personal Branding Photography System 12 years ago. We take them through this one of a kind system resulting in the creation of engaging, relevant and unique images for this small business owner’s website and social media presence.
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An amazing wall art reveal!

@JulieKriegerwas so excited for her portrait wall art to be delivered, she decided to make a party of it.
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Boudoir portrait sessions can be tricky.

Boudoir portrait sessions can be tricky. To be able to create a beautiful boudoir portrait that highlights the woman’s beauty, the woman has to be comfortable and FEEL beautiful in front of my camera.
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Emergency Headshot?

Emergency Headshot? Whaaaattt?? Bet you didn’t know there is such a thing.
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