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The family portrait you regret

The one thing I hear over and over from families who take the time for a beautiful family portrait is: "I am SO glad we did this!" ❤️I know life is busy.
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One last spot open this Friday 9.23 @1:30pm for a headshot mini! Grab it!

For me, it never gets old when a client who comes in stressed and nervous about their headshot session leaves with a big smile on their face, turning to me at the door as they leave and say: "This was so much fun - and I LOVE my new headshots!
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September headshot mini day is almost sold out!

We have one spot left open for our September 23 headshot mini marathon.
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Only 3 Left!

Last week we wrote we had only 4 sessions available till the end of the year. Well, we now are down to only 3 weekend sessions available from now until the end of 2022!
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It's all about relationship

When the DiSalvatore family came into the studio for their family portrait they brought Morgan the dog with them. Some fun teasing between Rachel and her husband Matt about the possibility one of them doesn't feel this dog is very much part of the family (I'm not saying who!) was going on. But, of course, Morgan the dog made it into the family picture - and they all loved it.
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