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"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them."
Genesis 1:27

In His Image

Therapeutic photography for healing and change, using photographs as a transformation tool

Restore relationship with self and others

Receive tools to help with acceptance and transition

Develop positive perspectives in challenging situations

Because we are all created in his image - and therefore we are all good enough and are here to live the best version of our lives!

"Life coaching changed my life. Period. I cannot think of anything else that had such an impact on my life. In the past few years through my life coaching journey I was able to transform like a beautiful butterfly from the person I was and did not like being, this angry, egotistic sad and hard person to the woman I always wanted to be. This woman who I always knew existed inside me and did not know how to let her out. This soft, loving, caring, successful and humble woman. It is so much easier and so much more fun to be this woman, and I am so grateful for being this new me I sometimes just cannot believe my journey. Now I want to give back. I want to give forward. You learn – you practice – you give."

Rinat Halon Neal
Life Coach, certified in "The Key To The Heart" method
Shifting Perspective Through Photography

I look forward to connecting with you!
Rinat Halon Neal
(407) 607-0206
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They say ...

"I wanted to give you a big "THANK YOU" for your guidance in the area of my sister.  Last week, she and I  had a quick dinner together before a family event (just the two of us) and it was the most pleasant time I have had with her in a very long time.  I attribute this to the work I have been doing with you.  :)"

- In His Image client

The question was "What subject or topic do you need help with "

My answer "Procrastination ".

Well in the 10 sessions I not only discovered the why behind it but also how it spilled into  many areas of my business life as well as personal life.We explored this and created a " Plan of Action" including tools and tactics to help me out when facing procrastination.

It wasn't easy ( but it was sorta fun) I think if you're ready to "tame a tiger" Rinat Halon and In His Image Coaching are who you want in the ring with you.

A heartfelt " thank you " to Rinat.

A happy client ! Deb W  St Cloud

"Who would have thought you could use photographs - as a tool for healing? I couldn't even imagine, until I started my coaching sessions with Rinat. When she asked my to bring family photos to the session I still had no idea how this could help. When we started working with these photos in our sessions I was shocked to find myself working through blocks I didn't even realize existed! Then, when Rinat asked me to photograph specific items and events using my smartphone I was pretty confused again. But, again, Rinat led me through the process of using these photographs in our sessions. They say "A picture is worth a thousand words" - for the first time in my life I now understand this saying in the deepest sense. Life coaching sessions with Rinat is a very unique experience - and a life changing one. I am forever grateful - thank you Rinat!

Lisa S.

Therapeutic Photography Packages

**10% of each coaching session fee will be donated to IDignity .

IDignity is an Orlando based charity I support. They help restore dignity and hope by providing identification and mostly work with the homeless community, who are now facing even greater hardships than normal due to Covid19 . CLICK BELOW or send me a personal message for more information and to contact me to book your coaching session**

Individual Therapeutic Photography session

This is a good option if you want to test the water before you commit to a package, or you are just not certain Therapeutic photography is right for you. We will work together for 45 minutes with the goal of gaining clarity.


3 Sessions Therapeutic Photography Package

This consecutive 3 weeks package includes three 45 minute sessions. Perfect if you have a clear end goal in mind. We will work together to give you tools, new perspective and organizational structure to set off on the journey to achieving your goal.


8 Sessions Therapeutic Photography Package

8 week to goal! This is a perfect package for someone who needs to make a big shift in their lives and has no idea where to start. In these 8 consecutive weeks we will work together meeting once a week for a 45 minute session to zoom in on the issue you are struggling with. You will learn how to develop from the negative, change your point of view and create the picture perfect solution you are dreaming of. Ready to change you life? Let's do it!


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