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Private Photo Mentoring with Rinat

Are you photographing just for fun - or do you want to start a photography business?

If you enjoy photographing, get some nice shots, but only use your camera "Auto" mode and wonder what the other camera buttons do - this is for you!

If you are thinking about starting a photography business or you want to learn how make your photography business successful and profitable - this is for you!

interested in private photo mentoring and have questions? let's chat!

"This works! I thought I knew what I was doing when I quit my job and became a full time photographer. But after a couple of month I realized I was spending more money than making money. Working with Rinat helped me hit the "restart" button - but this time doing it the right way! I am very excited and I know 2019 is the year that my new photography business will turn profit for the first time ever!!

- Deb B., photographer

"Absolutely LOVED working with Rinat. I purchased three mentoring sessions, getting up to speed on how to use my camera and she was so patient and helpful!! I feel like I have a good start on my longtime dream of knowing how to take good pictures. Thank you again!!!"

- Kimberly Millstone

"Wowza! I first experienced Rinat during a presentation to my Virginia Professional Photographers Association. She bowled us over. I was sufficiently impressed with her knowledge and bravado to ask her for a mentoring session. This was perhaps the best online, one-on-one learning experience I’ve ever had. I’ve no doubt that my jump from here will land me in greener pastures. "

  • Steve Radcliff

Rinat's successful basic photography instructional book "What's wrong with my camera?" is  included in the price of your online private mentoring session! ($25 Value!)

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