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Private Photo Mentoring with Rinat

Are you photographing just for fun - or do you want to start a photography business?

If you enjoy photographing, get some nice shots, but only use your camera "Auto" mode and wonder what the other camera buttons do - this is for you!

If you are thinking about starting a photography business or you want to learn how make your photography business successful and profitable - this is for you!

interested in private photo mentoring and have questions? let's chat!

"This works! I thought I knew what I was doing when I quit my job and became a full time photographer. But after a couple of month I realized I was spending more money than making money. Working with Rinat helped me hit the "restart" button - but this time doing it the right way! I am very excited and I know 2019 is the year that my new photography business will turn profit for the first time ever!!

- Deb B., photographer

"Absolutely LOVED working with Rinat. I purchased three mentoring sessions, getting up to speed on how to use my camera and she was so patient and helpful!! I feel like I have a good start on my longtime dream of knowing how to take good pictures. Thank you again!!!"

- Kimberly Millstone

"Wowza! I first experienced Rinat during a presentation to my Virginia Professional Photographers Association. She bowled us over. I was sufficiently impressed with her knowledge and bravado to ask her for a mentoring session. This was perhaps the best online, one-on-one learning experience I’ve ever had. I’ve no doubt that my jump from here will land me in greener pastures. "

  • Steve Radcliff

Rinat's successful basic photography instructional book "What's wrong with my camera?" is  included in the price of your online private mentoring session! ($25 Value!)

Individual Photography coaching session

This is a good option if you want to test the water before you commit to a package, or you are just not certain photography is right for you. We will work together for 45 minutes with the goal of gaining clarity.


3 Sessions Photography Coaching Package

This consecutive 3 weeks package includes three 45 minute sessions. Perfect if you have a clear end goal in mind. We will work together to give you tools, new perspective and organizational structure to set off on the journey to achieving your goal.


The "I'm serious about this!" 8 Sessions Photography Coaching Package

8 week to goal! This is a perfect package for someone who needs to make a big shift in their photography career and has no idea where to start. In these 8 consecutive weeks we will work together meeting once a week for a 45 minute session to zoom in on the issue you are struggling with. You will learn how to develop from the negative, change your point of view and create the picture perfect solution you are dreaming of. Ready to create a successful and profitable photography business? Let's do it!


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