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Dr. William Palmer

"Getting photos which truly represent you and your business is extremely difficult. Typically, your choices are stock photos or having somewhat sterile photos taken of your business that do not express the depth of who you are and what you are about. Rinat is totally different.

She worked with me and my Chiropractic practice and developed a photo marketing strategy which TRULY captures who I am and what I am about. My photos are amazing and what I was always looking for, but never found until Rinat.

Rinat is precise, hard working, and constantly checks back to ensure you are getting what you want. The end product will be fantastic and will exceed expectations. This is not an accident, it is a result of hard work, expertise, and talent. If you are considering Rinat for your photography needs, what are you waiting for? Call her. You will be grateful for years to come as the work she provides keeps on giving."

- Dr. William Palmer

Jed Main, Main Law

I highly recommend Rinat, and I cannot say enough good things about her.  She developed a solid photo-marketing strategy and took photos that I have used in various campaigns....and I get nothing but compliments on them.

- Jed Main, Main Law

Leigh McCormick, Accountant

Rinat transformed my company website full of impersonal stock photo's, into a warm, friendly and quirky (she worked in a photo of me with my dog - dressed as Sherlock Holmes no less!) website for which I get complemented on regularly.  I look forward to building on these photos, and the marketing strategy that she is helping me with, as my company grows and changes.  Thanks Rinat!!!

- Leigh McCormick, Accountant

For more information or to book your Personal Branding Consultation
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