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Personal Branding Photography

What is Personal Branding Photography?

Translating the story of your brand into relevant, engaging photographs that connect with your target audience and move them to action – because WE do business with people we know like and trust.

The Personal Branding Photography System is designed to be easy as 1, 2, and 3 for YOU – Leave the HOW to us!

Step #1.
Give us an hour of your time to extract your brand story (because everybody has a story!)

Step #2.
Watch us translate your brand story into compelling, relevant and engaging images

Step #3.
Post photos from your newly created bank of images on your billboards, television ads, website and social media platforms

No more wasting hours sifting through stock photos looking for the photo that may represent your brand

You now have the power to connect with your target audience and get them to reach out to you – because your brand story is clear, engaging and relevant!

The Personal Branding Photography includes:

  • Photo Market Research of your target audience to understand WHO you are selling to
  • The Photo Personality Test to quickly asses what is YOUR preferred photography style to represent your brand
  • Brand Interview, includes questions designed to easily and quickly get to your core story because WE DO BUSINESS WITH PEOPLE WE KNOW LIKE AND TRUST
  • Concept Presentation – You are presented with options to choose from – and your opinion matters!
  • Photo Shoot Production, including exact time-lines to keep the photo shoot day orderly, flowing, relaxing, and fun – and quickly over so you can get back to running your business after we capture EXCELLENT photos for your brand
  • Reveal Session We sit TOGETHER to review your images bringing to the table our years of professional photography experience and expertise in the field to help you choose the perfect photos from the photo shoot.
  • Image Bank – the final presentation of finished, retouched, ready for print images for you to finally represent your brand with the respect it deserves!

Why work with Rinat?

Bringing her 25 years international professional photography to the table, CERTIFIED professional photographer (CPP) Rinat Halon realized 10 years ago there was a need in the small business market for image branding. Rinat watched as business moved from street front brick and mortar to the World Wide Web and in the transition small business lost their most important asset – their story.

Rinat created the Personal Branding Photography System based on data from the research and thesis she conducted and wrote in college (The Ohio State University) about the influence of photography on purchasing behavior, as well as based on her experience working at the Walt Disney Imagineer group (WDI) as their in house photographer and visual communication specialist.

To date, Rinat has helped hundreds of small business bring their message to market using relevant engaging photos. Some of the companies she helped are:

How does this work?

It’s simple! You have four packages you can choose from

Complete Personal Branding Photography

Includes the photo personality test (we are the ONLY studio who does it), brand interview, photo market research, concept presentation, photo shoot production, professional makeup artistry, up to 8 hours and up to 4 locations portrait shoot. Multiple wardrobe changes (5 recommended), reveal session and $3000 portrait credit towards your final images ready for billboard and traditional print ad as well as social media and web, starting at $4997

Lifestyle Branded Portrait

A great place to start! The Lifestyle Branded Portrait captures your personality, your brand and your “Why” all in one shot. Includes brand interview, up to one hour professional makeup artistry, up to three hours portrait shoot in studio or on location, multiple wardrobe changes (5 recommended) ,personal style and concept consultation, posing and styling for business AND branding as well as personal portrait, selection of fully retouched digital images presented at in person premier ordering session, $1000 print/digital credit good towards final product. Starting at $1290

Personal Branding Photography Consultation

If you are not ready for a photo shoot but would like to understand how your photo brand currently appears as well as create a blueprint to your successful photo brand, this consultation may be your best bet. Starting at $197

I’m interested! What’s my next step?

Hi! I’m Rinat, and I would love to work with you!  Because we strive to serve our customers with excellence we accept only 10 Complete Personal Branding Photography clients per year. I want to honor your time so first click below to answer a few questions and see if the Personal Branding Photography is the right fit for you. Once I receive your answers, I will reach out and we will schedule a time to meet in person. I know we are both very busy, so we can also meet online if that serves you better.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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