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3 Essential accessories for great Smartphone photography

It’s no secret the Smartphone cameras are pretty amazing. And yes, even as a pro photographer, many times I simply use my Smartphone to capture a great shot. It’s handy, convenient, and the quality is pretty amazing.

I mean, check out this shot I captured while walking around Baldwin Park. Yup, this is a Smartphone photograph. When it comes to simple photographs like this shot, in my opinion, the Smartphone camera is definitely giving the professional cameras a run for their money.

Here are the 3 accessories I use to help me capture great shots on my  Smartphone camera:

1. The Smartphone case

This small case - changed my photography forever. Before I had it anytime I tried to take a picture on my smartphone the pictures would come out blurry. So frustrating! But it doesn't happen any more thanks to this phone case.

I slide my finger through the kick stand on the back of the phone case and that gives me stability while photographing - no more blurry photos!

The kickstand is also great for setting down the phone and capturing shots from a unique angle, or when I want to take a picture using the timer.

It's not a pretty phone case - but it's perfect for smartphone photography. I could not recommend it more.

An example to how I use the smartphone case to set the camera down and take a picture on a timer


2. The Smartphone tripod

But the camera case handi Dandi kick stand is not always very secure. It is also limited on camera angels. What do we do then?

That is when I use the Smartphone tripod.

Being able to get the smartphone camera out of our hands and on a tripod provides the option to change the photograph's point of view. Whenever possible, you want to capture the shot from the subjects eye level - instead of YOUR eye level -and a good tripod will help you achieve that.

This specific tripod is my favorite because it's so "bendy" (yes, I made up a word). The tripod's legs bend anyway you want them to, which means this tripod besides stranding straight up can also fold over on a surface to get a secure grip for the camera. This is perfect for areas that don't have a flat surface, and I use the tripod on the arm portion of armchairs, I hang it on the edge of a table or roll down the car window and set the tripod on the car frame, using the bendy tripod legs to secure it. These are just a few examples on how this flexible tripod can be used. You're going to love it!

Don't you just love how bendy this tripod is???

3. The smartphone light

Because at the end of the day the light is what makes or breaks a photograph, and what  separates a bad photo from a good one. We need to have light. The problem with available light is, as the name suggests- it is only available sometimes. What do you do when the light is not available? For example If your subject is heavily shaded? Or if it's night time?

This is the light I use when I need to light up a scene. This light is not a good replacement for true professional photography lighting, but it's a great light for selfies, and any time you want to add some light to any smartphone photo you are about to take. I also use this light when I am on zoom meetings, and for that alone this light is worth the price of admission - because it's so nice to be able to see your face while speaking to you!


I hope these 3 essential accessories for great smartphone photography tips will bring you lots of photo joy! 

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