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5 great gift idea this holiday season for the photographer in your life!

Once I had a boyfriend who was telling people the following story:

“I was walking with Rinat on the streets of Moscow, and suddenly – Rinat was gone! I was shocked, I didn’t understand - she was walking next to me a minute ago!

Then I looked down and there she was: Her camera pressed against her face she was laying on the ground in the middle of the street in Moscow capturing a moment unfolding in front of us with her camera. That was when I realized that I was truly dating a photographer”.

Does this story resonate with you? If it does, congratulations! You too have a photographer in your life!

Photography is a great hobby and in my biased opinion the best professions ever. It truly is magical to be able to capture a great shot. I once heard a professional wedding photographer say that when he gets the shot he hears beautiful opera music playing. You know, that moment in the opera performance when the lead female hits the highest note and stretches it forever…


I totally get that. When I get THE shot, it is just a glorious moment. And I can hear that opera singer too.

I am certain this would resonate with the photographer in your life as well.

For this holiday season I wanted to bring you a list of a few photography gift ideas I myself, as a photographer, would love receiving.

Hope this helps make your gift shopping easier. Happy Holidays!


1. The Photography idea cards – What a great way for a new photographer to practice their new skills! Because practice does make perfect, and the first10,000 photographs are the photographer’s worst photos – this is a great gift. Pull a card from the Photography Idea Cards deck and figure out how to create and capture an amazing shot of the subject the card suggests. Each card also has a hashtag so you can share what you shot on social media - and see how other photographers captured the same thing. How fun!

2. Camera bag – I like this CADeN Camera Bag because it’s small, comfortable and unisex. It’s perfect for a beginner photographer (or a pro photographer just out having fun) because it holds a DSLR camera with a lens attached, one more lens and a professional flash unit. It also has a waterproof cover. Nice!

3. Spider Holster– So the one thing I wish I did years ago, when I first started photographing, is move my camera from hanging on my neck – to hanging on my hip. It would have saved me so much shoulder and back pain! This is the most expensive item on this list – but absolutely worth it. It holds one camera hanging securely on the Spider Holster belt. I also have the Spider Holster hand strap. Today, I wouldn’t leave home for a photoshoot without it. And the fun part – you feel like a cowboy ready to draw your weapon. Gee-haw!

4. Reflector– Now that your photographer has a great camera I hate to disappoint you – but photography is actually about understanding and seeing the light. A beginner photographer will first photograph using available light, but a reflector is a great and easy way to start understanding how to use light to illuminate their photographs. Before they get into strobe and flash units lighting – keep it simple with learning lighting basics using a reflector.

5.  My online class and book – The ‘What’s wrong with my camera?’ book that was written by my favorite author – me!

I wrote this book for my photography students –because they asked for it. It was a great hit, and still sells well on Amazon. My photography students used it when I was teaching at the Rollins College Continuing Education program where I was teaching until the program was discontinued.

Then – I recorded the complete class and it is now available through my own online photography school. This online class also includes a digital copy of the book!

What one of my brilliant clients did is buy ‘What’s wrong with my camera?’ online class as well as the printed book as a holiday gift for her daughter. That way she had the printed book to put under the tree, and inside the book she wrote a dedication to her photography enthused daughter and told her this book comes with the corresponding online class.

Isn’t that a great idea?

I wish you a wonderful holiday gift shopping season, and that you make your photo enthused loved one jump up and down with joy when they unwrap one of the photography gifts you bought for them.



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