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Have you heard of Thermography?

As a woman who practices holistic health, whenpossible, I strive to find natural alternatives to medicine andmedical screening. A few years ago, when I discovered thermography asanother way to detect and monitor diseases and physical injuries (such asbreast cancer, for example) I decided to research thermography and see if itwas right for me. I read everything I could find about the subject, anddecided it was indeed something I would like to incorporate into mymedical exams regiment. On another note, Thermography also touched my love ofphotography - I always enjoyed the different colors the Thermographyinfrared camera produces while creating a digital map oftemperature patterns in the body. 

So imagine my joy when Ann Marie of CentralFlorida Thermography reached out to me for branding shots. I was SO excitedabout this project! When I shared my vision for this branding shoot with AnnMarie - to capture the patients with a special high-definitioninfrared camera I purchased especially for this project - Ann Marie lovedthe vision! and we started planning away. 

During our photoshoot day I capturedevery shot with both my professional camera and the infrared camera, andlater combined the images in post-production. This image shown here is just oneexample of the shots we created. I am looking forward to seeing how the CentralFlorida Thermography will use these branding shots on their website andsocial media! 


If you are a business owner that is looking tostand out we can help you. Creating unique and engaging images that will hookyour target audience is what we specialize in. 

25 years ago, before anyone eventhought of personal branding photography, I did research and wrote athesis about the influence of photography on purchasing behavior at The OhioState University as part of my college degree. 12 years ago I created the oneof a kind Personal Branding Photography System we use to help small businessesseparate from their competition using relevant and engaging photos. 

Are you ready for your business to get noticedby your target audience? 

Call us today 407.6070206 or start here: https://www.rinathalon.com/persbranding


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