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Honest Abe

The International Print Competition (IPC) held once a year by PPA – Professional Photographers of America – is what I consider the professional photographers Olympics.

Thousands of professional photographers, including myself, work for months ahead of this competition on creating images that would be merit worthy.

This year two of my images merited. This image I titled “Honest Abe” is one of them. Here is the story behind this image:

Almost every Sunday my husband who rocks and I sit at church in the same spot. One day the man sitting in front of me looked to his left, and I saw his profile. “Wow”, I was thinking to myself “He looks like Abe Lincoln”.

It took me a couple of weeks of sitting behind this man before I reached over, tapped on his shoulder, introduced myself, and asked if he would agree to pose for me for an image I’d like to submit to IPC.

Lucky for me the man sitting in front of me was Laddie Collaway, who is a fun and outgoing person! Laddie loved the idea, and was happy to help.

Laddie didn’t disappoint. He showed up in my studio for this session dressed in a perfect suit for the occasion and followed directions, helping me get him into character quickly and easily. The session was over very quickly because all I needed was to snap a few frames – I knew I got THE shot.

In IPC we are judged not just on the image, but also on the title. The title “Honest Abe” came to me the first time I saw Laddie sitting in front of me at church looking to his left. It was so clear that should be the image title.

I am honored and happy to announce the image “Honest Abe” won a merit in the 2021International Print Competition!

Thank you Laddie for being such an important part in this creative process! And thank you for waiting to shave until after I photographed you J

This image will be hanging at the Professional Photographers of America Imaging conference this January alongside other IPC merited images. What an honor!


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