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How long does it take for a client to decide to trust you?

In 2012, the Cognition And Emotion Journal published an interesting study on facial features. The research showed that you make your decision to trust someone within 100 milliseconds of seeing their face (Forbes, 2021).

Talk about the importance of first impressions, right? And oh, the pressure! How can you ever make that happen when a client lands on your website - within 100 millisecond?

The answer can be as simple as - get a great new headshot.

Deciding to get a great new headshot, allowing yourself to be guided by a photographer who truly knows what they are doing and allowing that photographer to create a perfect reflection of your confident, professional yet approachable side - is the best thing you can do for yourself as you are getting ready to doing business in 2023.

And yes, we can help with that. In fact, creating great new headshots is what we specialize in!

We have ONE headshot mini session left open this year.

Call us today 407.607.0206

Or start here: https://www.rinathalon.com/

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