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It's all about relationship

When the DiSalvatore family came into the studio for their family portrait they brought Morgan the dog with them. Some fun teasing between Rachel and her husband Matt about the possibility one of them doesn't feel this dog is very much part of the family (I'm not saying who!) was going on.

But, of course, Morgan the dog made it into the family picture - and they all loved it.

funny enough, Morgan the dog didn't really like me much at first. I point that out because usually dogs love me.

When I came to the DiSalvatore's home for their design and styling consult before their family portrait, Rachel offered me a warm chocolate chip cookie (yum!), and while I was looking away - Morgan jumped up and stole my cookie off my plate!

We were not off to a good start  

During the portrait session, Morgan stayed away from me, and close to Rachel. I left him alone, he did great in the photos and at the end of the day that's all we cared about  - he didn't need to like me.

Then, when I delivered the family portrait wall art to the DiSalvatore's, I realized the wall art piece wasn't perfect - and decided to reprint it. I left this not-perfect wall art at the DiSalvatore's home (so they have something to display until the revised wall art comes in) and re-ordered this wall art (with no additional expense to the DiSalvatore's, of course).

I ended up printing this family portrait wall art 3 times   Oy. But I wasn't going to stop until I knew this family portrait wall art was perfect!

While this was going on, I visited the DiSalvatore's home again and again, bringing the wall art, deciding we were unhappy with it., and going back to reordering it.

Finally, on the third delivery attempt of the family portrait wall art - we got it right!

As Rachel and I were standing by the door, saying our goodbyes and feeling good about getting this wall art ordeal over and done with, Morgan showed up out of his hiding spot.

Morgan jumped on the sofa and put his head in my lap, and let me pat his head. As if to say: "Ok, I see your efforts to do good by my family, and I trust you now".

It was such a beautiful moment and I am so glad Rachel pulled out her phone and captured the moment Morgan the family dog decided I earned the right to be liked by him.

Morgan is right - because it is all about relationships. And relationships are built on caring and trust - over and over again.

Our studio is committed to portrait excellence from the start of the process to finished product.

We take our time to get to know your family and want your family portrait to be a perfect reflection of your family.

We hope to see you in our studio this year for a family portrait session like you never experienced before.

It's only September - but NOW is the time to book your family portrait session so you have the images in time to use them for your holiday cards.

We have ONE WEEKDAY session left open this September, and only THREE WEEKEND sessions available until the end of the 2022.

Call to book your family session today 407.607.0202 or start here:


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