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Looking for something fun to do with the family?

I bet when you think about 'doing something fun with the family' - a family portrait is not on top of that list.

I bet there is at least one family member who hates getting their picture taken.

I bet you think you'll need to figure out what everyone has to wear for the family portrait, and it will be such a headache to decide.

I bet you simply can't imagine how your kids, furkids and spouse will have a really good time during a family portrait session.  

Am I right?

Most likely I am. But that is because you haven't had a family portrait done in our studio - yet!

The one feedback I get from our first-time clients is a very surprised: "This was so much fun!"

Yes, we make a family portrait fun.

We also make it a relaxing experience, and take all the tasks off your plate - we help you choose what everyone will wear, we deal with the kid who hates having their picture taken and make them laugh so hard they forget they don't like to smile in pictures. We have organic snacks on hand so no one goes hungry, and we play your favorite music in the studio.

So when you are looking for a fun family experience this summer, look no further.

Book a family portrait in our studio.

It will be the one summer family fun experience your family will remember forever.

We have only 3 sessions left open in July and August!

To book your session call me at 407.607.0206 or Start here https://www.rinathalon.com/

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