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Makeup Tips For A Great Headshot

Helping our clients get ready for their session is part of our everyday studio workflow. Before a headshot session at our studio we email our clients some getting ready tips. We share ideas and resources about choosing what to wear - and how to prepare emotionally for their close up (the latter is a very welcomed unexpected benefit). Since one of the questions we hear again and again from our clients is how to handle makeup for their headshot session I decided to ask two of the best makeup artists in Central Florida for some headshot session makeup tips. I love these ladies! Here is what they had to say:

Kristy Alonzo, makeup artist extraordinaire and owner of Kristy's Artistry Design team says: "Here is my headshot makeup tip: Have you ever noticed a photograph of your friend where in this photograph her face looks pale and/or pastry but you don’t quite remember it looking that way in person? This can happen believe it or not due to the type of moisturizer your friend used before she had her headshot taken. If you typically wear a sunscreen based moisturizer, check the ingredients list since most sunscreen products contain a product called titanium dioxide. Although it does fight off damage from the sun, titanium dioxide is known to cause a photo flash affect when having pictures taken with a flash. Flash photography is utilized when more light is needed to capture the subject and bring in more highlights/low lights into the environment. Titanium dioxide, along with most mineral based makeups, can thwart this process as both absorb light instead of bouncing back the light from that flash. So before donning your ritual skincare routine when you’re having your picture taken, choose moisturizers and makeup that do not cause this negative affect or ditch it altogether and hire an experienced,professional makeup artist as they should know all of the right makeup to use that will bring your best features to light."

Thanks Kristy! Great tip!

Our next headshot makeup tip comes from the phenomenal makeup artist Kari Larsen, founder and co-owner of About Face Design Team. "When it comes to makeup", says Kari "be true to yourself by not trying to look like someone else. Also, do not overdue the makeup. If you can, schedule a trial run so that your Professional Makeup Artist/Hairstylist has the chance to work with you on the look that best suits you and your brand. If you don't have time for a run through, I suggest you hire the Artist to stay through the shoot so adjustments can be made to makeup or hair as the photographer snaps the photo and the artist sees the picture in the camera. If there is a wardrobe change, perspiration, shine control, hair "fly aways," as well as the unexpected,the experienced artist will be able to assist you. This may cost a little more but will be well worth it in the end! . Last but not least - Hire the best headshot photographer-of course you Rinat!"

Thanks Kari! You are sweet!

Here is my two cents about headshot makeup from a photographer's point of view: Do not try to do your headshot makeup yourself. Professional makeup will take your headshot to the next level visually no doubt. But more than that - you will FEEL so amazing wearing your professional makeup - that feeling will translate into your photograph and will show all over your face (pun intended). You. Will. Glow. That is why in my studio all headshot sessions include hair and makeup artist services. Yes, you read this right - this is included in your headshot session. I want you to look and feel as amazing as you are.

Because you deserve it.

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