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No idea what kind of Branding photos you need? We can help.

When a small business owner reaches out to us for branding photos they have no idea on what they want or need.

That’s ok, that is why I created the Personal Branding Photography System 12 years ago.

We take them through this one of a kind system resulting in the creation of engaging, relevant and unique images for this small business owner’s website and social media presence.

The first step in the Personal Branding Photography System process is the Photo Personality Test I invented. This test helps us discover who the business owner is and how they want to be represented.

Then we find out who the business owner’s ideal clients are – and what a day in their lives looks like – where they work, shop, and how they spend their leisure time.

We then take all this info and create a shot list of photographs. Each of the photographs on this list has a job. It is more than a pretty picture – it serves as a hook for a potential ideal client that land on the small business web page.

Here is an example of our Personal Branding Photography System in action. This beautiful website created by @DianeVivian for @TotalWomanHealthCarePA using the branded photos we created for this OBGYN clinic.

Love the website vibe, Diane, great job as always! Total Woman Healthcare – looking good out here on the World Wide Web! Anyone needs a doctor? https://www.totalwomanhealth.com/

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