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PPA member since 2003

Why would anyone be a member of an organization for 20 years?

In this case, the Professional Photographers of America gave me the primary and essential education and tools I Needed to turn my photography talent into a business.

I always loved this organization, it felt like a photographer's home.

It is where I called for help when I was sued by a wedding photography client many many years ago, when I was just starting - and PPA helped me resolve the issues without a lawsuit.  

It is where I got to connect with other professional photographers and learn from them.

It is where I got to give back and teach my fellow professional photographers

This magazine is the PPA's monthly magazine, and this March for the first time ever I get to be in it!

As a PPA councilwoman, it is my honor to represent the 'Faces of PPA' this month.

And I'd like all who voted for me to know that your voices are in my head every time I go to a council meeting. I am not necessarily the most popular person in the room - but I sure represent you all with integrity. And for that, I am proud.

Thank you, PPA, for all you have done for me and given me over the years!

If you would like to become a PPA member use this link:


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