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Selfie headshot much?

Going out to your backyard and capturing your own head shot on your smartphone will certainly save you money! 

Here are a couple of more money saving DIY ideas: 

1. If you have a toothache, get a string and tie one end of it around the aching tooth and the other end of it to a door handle. Push the door shut and your aching tooth will pull out - no need for a dentist! 

2. Your car got scratched? Simply use a color sharpie to fill in the scratch, the color will be close enough, and you won't need to waste time taking your car into the shop and spending money on a paintjob. 

Follow me for more great tips on how to save money! 


I am of course joking. 


To make my point, my beautiful client Pat shared with me to share with you this selfie headshot she took of herself. 


After Pat accidently had this selfie shot show up on one of the slides in a professional presentation she was giving in a networking event- instead of the beautiful headshot I took of her - she was horrified. 


We all laughed when this happened, but it turned the conversation to the difference between backyard DIY headshots and studio professional headshots. Everyone in the room agreed there is truly no comparison.  


I was telling HWR about this networking presentation mishap over dinner, and he said: 

"A smartphone in the hands of a professional photographer is better than a Professional camera in the hands of an amateur". 


I couldn't have said it better myself. 


Your professional headshot is a reflection of your personal brand's value. 

How much do you value yourself? 


We are now booking our July headshot mini marathon, and have only 4 spots left open. 

Here are instructions for success: 

On your phone, go ahead and close your camera app - and open your phone dialing app - 

Call me at 407.607.0206

Or start here: https://www.rinathalon.com/special



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