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So you can't explain your brand?

What if you have a hard time putting into words what your new brand is, and you certainly have no idea which images can depict your new brands?

You call me.

That's what Marc's web site designer and brand expert Meredith Kasheta from MMC did. themmcagency.com

Meredith reached out because she had a client who was very passionate about his new brand - and at the same time wasn't sure how to put into words the pictures he wanted to represent this brand.

Meredith knew I would be able to figure it out for Marc.

After our discovery call, I was able to give Marc clarity on the portraits we will create to represent his brand, and we booked his lifestyle branded portrait session.

Even during the session Marc still had a hard time envisioning the portraits I was creating for him.  

Then he saw his new brand portraits and I heard him gasp with astonishment and delight -

I was able to photograph exactly what he was feeling.

We all have different talents and gifts, and are called to use them. My gift is being able to translate a vague concept into relevant and engaging images.

Do you feel like Marc - not sure how your brand should be photographed?

Call us today for a complimentary discovery call - and let us help you translate your brand into relevant and engaging photographs.

Call us today 407.607.0206

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