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Thank you!!

This is the “Thank you” card we mailed out to Rinat Halon Photography clients this week. We love seeing this collage of our client’s images on the front of the card, and I have SO MUCH to be grateful about this year!

I am thankful that this year so far we made 116 clients’ hearts smile with joy at Rinat Halon Photography.

I am thankful for my incredible team that makes me look so good and like it’s all so easy .

I am thankful for the love and support of my Husband Who Rocks, Mike who is just the most incredible man I ever met and I am fortunate to call him my husband.

And mostly, this year I am thankful that I was able to help some of our clients, personal friends, and people I never met before to heal quickly and easily from C by sharing with them life saving info and resources. So this “thank you” goes to God for guidance and for allowing me to be a resource for good in this world.

From Rinat and the Rinat Halon Photography team –

Have a happy, healthy, safe and wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and loved ones!  

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