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The thing I am grateful for this year

Yes, that is a portrait of my dad.

Yes, he naturally gave me a glowing review.

But - here is what I am grateful for about this portrait of my dad:

I am grateful for the gift of time that allowed me the time to spend with my father, and capture his portrait in my studio 25 years after I captured the first portrait, I ever created for him.

This gift of time is not guaranteed, and the most precious gift I could have asked for.

See the other portrait of my dad, the one with him holding his jacket over his shoulder?

I captured that portrait of my dad 25 years ago. At the time I just started learning how to photograph in The Ohio State University and got myself a job in a local photography studio so I could practice my new craft.

My dad came into that studio to visit me, I was waiting for a client to come in, and wanted to make sure my lights were set up correctly. So, I asked my dad to pose for me. He reluctantly did (the things you do for your child) I directed him, told him to throw his jacket over his shoulder, captured this shot of him and we both loved it ever since.

25 years later, standing in my photography studio with camera in hand, directing my dad yet again and capturing his portrait yet again - this felt like coming full circle. Such a humbling moment,

Thinking about all the ups and down our relationship had in the past 25 years and grateful for the fact we both insisted on making this father daughter relationship work.

Thinking about the many of times I wanted to quit photography in the past 25 years (no, it's not an easy profession) and how every time I tried God made it very clear that my photography talent was his gift to me so I could use it for the good of others, and that is my life's purpose - and gently but firmly guided me back into the photography path that is my life.

Thinking about the gift the past 25 years have been for me, personally and professionally, and all the wonderful positive growth and changes I got to experience in my life and my profession.

So, this year I am grateful for the gift of time. As Eleanor Roosevelt said: "Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present."

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I wish you all the gift of time!

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