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There is a first time for everything

There is a first time for everything  - Including the first time you go in to get your professional headshot taken.

In our studio, we get many calls from people who had their first professional headshot taken somewhere else - and they had less than impressive experience and results.

It is always more challenging to get those clients to trust me that yes - this time, it will be a different experience for them with better than they can imagine results.

So it's always so fun and refreshing to have someone come to us for their first professional headshot experience.

Knowing that Junior is now set up for success and that moving forward he will be back for more branding shots because he is so happy with the experience and the portraits - makes my heart happy.

Yes, there is still time to update your professional headshot before you go back to work after your summer vacation. We have ONE headshot session left open in July - call us to claim it now 407.607.0206, or start here: rinathalon.com

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