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This is my answer to clients who tell me they hate getting their picture taken

Most people hate getting their picture taken, that's a fact. 


When my clients tell me right before they are ready to go in front of my camera "I hate getting my picture taken" I smile and answer:

 "Well, I am glad you are here!" 

 It's the truth. 

Because I know that after this experience, they will change their mind about hating getting their picture taken. 

I know these clients will understand that when the right person takes your picture - you're going to love your picture. 

Professional photography is a whole world away from camera button clickers. 

And as with anything else, when you are the hands of a professional - your experience and results will make you exhale that sigh of relief. You are safe. You are cared for. You are going to get images that will make you happy and you will be so proud to share these images. 


We love capturing headshots in our studio, and if you think you hate getting your picture taken - come in- you will change your mind. 


Jeffrey - Happy 50th Birthday my friend! Looking good!



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