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To my Ima with love

The word for mom in Hebrew is 'Ima'.

Last month I took a break from my busy life and flew to Israel to spend some quality time with my Ima, and oh did we have fun!

- Every day we went to a different coffee shop - the coffee in TLV is SO tasty!!

- We basically ate our way through TLV, visiting different restaurants that serve different ethnic foods from all over the world - yes the food in TLV is SO tasty as well.

- We celebrated Passover together, just the two of us, at my mom's apartment. We read the Haggadah and sang the traditional songs and had a wonderful Passover with memories that will last forever.

- We walked the streets of TLV enjoying this vibrant city landscape and busy life. My mom offers city tours in TLV, and I always enjoy hearing her tell the history and fun facts about the city as she took me to see TLV's hidden gems.

But more than anything, we just had a wonderful time together.

I don't remember the last time my Ima and I were together alone - just the two of us, and it was an incredible blessing to be able to do that.

This Mother's Day, I hope you get to celebrate with your mom. And if not with her, I encourage you to celebrate her and her life.

I love you Ima! Happy Mother's Day!

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