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When is the right time for a family portrait?

A woman called me a couple of days ago wanting to come in for a family portrait. The challenge, she said, was that her sons are now in college and she has no idea when they are coming home for a visit, and will they both be here at the same time.

This is something I hear often, and is the reason I recommend getting the family portrait done BEFORE the kids leave for college.

Because once they leave- all bets are off. You simply have no idea when they will come back - and will it be just them - or will they bring a girlfriend or boyfriend home with them, which will completely change the picture - literally...

If your kids are in high school I recommend coming in now for a family portrait.

Now, before they leave home.

We have only ONE outdoor session left open before we are done with our outdoor family portrait spring season.

Call today for more information 407.607.0206

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