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Wow! Money DOES grow on trees!!

When Cyndia reached out to me she knew what she wanted. She had been in business for a few years now and had pictures taken for her business before, but she wanted ”more”, which is precisely what she told me – and after hearing me talk about my innovative Personal Branding Photography System – she knew I could deliver exactly that - “more”.

In my opinion what Cyndia does for a living is priceless – no pun intended. Cyndia is a financial coach and owner of Family Finances Redesigned, where she helps individuals and couples overcome financial stress and master their money.

Cyndia and I dove into the Personal Branding Photography System process and after completing the brand interview, photo personality test and avatar market research I came up with creative concepts I felt would represent Cyndia well and at the same time connect with Cyndia’s avatar client. During the concept presentation meeting as I was presenting my creative ideas to Cyndia  I could see Cyndia’s eyes widen with joy – and I knew the Personal Branding Photography System worked again. We were a “Go” for the photoshoot.

Cyndia is very organized, which made the photoshoot day production a fun process. And even though we had many models and quite a few scenes to capture during the photoshoot day – everything was flowing perfectly. Here are some of the fun and unique branding images we created for Cyndia’s Family Finances Redesigned to help her connect with her target audience:

Yes! We wanted to show that when Cyndia is your financial coach it feels like money DOES grow on trees!

And that with Cyndia's coaching even children will learn to "grow" money
Gotta have a family doing the "DEBT FREE!" happy dance 😊💃

Financial education starts at Cyndia's home - Cyndia's daughter Jasmine knows what to do with those credit cards!

This shot had us all giggling from the moment I presented the concept to Cyndia - and we were still giggling during the photoshoot. We fondly titled this scene "there are many ways to save money" 😜

The Rivera's love family game night - even more if it includes a financial themed game!

And a beautiful headshot of the woman in charge who fights debt like the boss that she is! Go Cyndia!




Thanks to our studio’s amazing team who worked so hard to make sure this complex branding photoshoot comes together beautifully!


Fashion styling: Christina Marsico of Fashionality

Hair and makeup: Marin Makeup and Spa

Admin assisting: Ann Greenaway of How Can I Help

Photography assistant: Kennedy Richardson

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