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You rocked it!

When your client sends you the survey results for a class you just taught and writes: “You rocked it, per usual. Thank you again! – Jill”

Dr. @JillNorburn is the very wise woman who hired me to teach @RillinsCollege in the Continuing Education program many years ago. My basic photography book “What’s wrong with my camera?”  was written because my Rollins students kept saying: “You need to write a book!” So I did.

Loved the fact that Jill and I get to work together again at the @CenterForHealth&Wellbeing where I just got to Zoom teach 65 people who tuned in from around the world (Greece, India, Canada and Florida to name a few) to my Smartphone photography class.


Want to watch this FREE Smartphone photography class and learn a few Smartphone photography tips and tricks?  



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