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"Don’t even know where to start ... Rinat’s message is clear, to the point, and purely inspirational. And then there’s her photography, breathtaking and very creative. A must-hear speaker! "

  • Debbie Thompson

"If you haven’t heard Rinat speak, RUN, don’t walk to her next engagement. I could listen to her speak every day. Most inspirational speaker! I gotta go take pictures now. "

  • Shauna Raduske

"Wowza! I first experienced Rinat during a presentation to my Virginia Professional Photographers Association. She bowled us over. I was sufficiently impressed with her knowledge and bravado to ask her for a mentoring session. This was perhaps the best online, one-on-one learning experience I’ve ever had. I’ve no doubt that my jump from here will land me in greener pastures. "

  • Steve Radcliff

Thanks for the great presentation you gave last night at the meeting of the Professional Photographers of SWFL. I really appreciated hearing all your nuggets of photography wisdom anchored by your life stories. I think one of the stories that made a big impression on me was of your experience at the Moscow fashion show -- where the model struck a pose to the right, then to the left, and then left you to walk the runway. Your message, to "know your craft and always be ready," really hit the mark when I saw the stunning images you took in those few short seconds! Thank you for sharing your life stories and your photography with me.

  • Signa Page

I ordered your book from Amazon the moment you mentioned it for fear I'd forget once I got home. I read it in time to recommend it to the River Creek Photography Club members as their new "go-to" manual. Everyone owns a camera with more bells and whistles than they use. Same with their phones and tablets. Your book breaks it down like a mac and cheese recipe. No jargon. Just down home goodness. Just warm and loving ways to think about what we all need to remember when our brains are racing to capture that bear or smile or vulnerable moment. Your presentation was also spot on regarding making connections, stepping outside our comfort zones and getting the jobs we really want. We will always encounter more no's than we'd like. Life is not a T ball game where everyone gets to run all the bases. But it's such amazing fun to put ourselves out there and make magic happen by trying. You were one of the most inspirational real and down to earth speakers I've heard in a long time. Thank you.

  • Nancy Sander

"Rinat was awesome and we are really impressed with the pictures and the product!

  • Charles Smith, CW Smith Law

I have some experience working with photographers but not with a bonafide certified professional photographer. The difference between Rinat and other photographers is her approach. She was very engaging in conversation, wanted to know expectations before hand, and had a fun-loving spirit through the whole photo shoot. When it came time to choose the final headshot, I was intrigued by her system of selection. She totally left it up to me by asking questions, and before I knew it the best photo in the group stood out without me even realizing it. She’s very systematic, has so much experience and talent. Rinat knows how to get what she wants in a photo shoot and makes it fun along the way. I especially like how she hides all those blemishes! I highly recommend Rinat if you want a professional who knows how to get the best out of a photo opportunity. Thanks to Rinat I can be proud when I am asked to submit a photo of myself knowing it certified by a professional!

  • Audrey Stinson, Stinson Carpet One

"Rinat was very sweet and helped me bring out my best smile. Highly recommend her!"

  • Matt Price

"Thanks so much for you presentation. I especially loved the photos of your dog - that was such a touching part of your talk."

  • Lisa

"Rinat is passionate and truly talented in her profession!
I would not hesitate to recommend Rinat to anyone! Her photography is truly amazing and touching!"

  • Julie Stipe

"Rinat is amazing at what she does! She has completed many lifestyle branded photo sessions for our clients and from the beginning to the end she offers endless support, advice and guidance. Her experience and professionalism shines through, allowing you to relax, even if you're uncomfortable with having your picture taken.

Rinat even offers a pre-photo phone planning session & a live Zoom online proof reveal session with each individual. Our clients couldn't be happier with the experience & results!

  • Reba Watson, Elite Marketing Pro

"Your attention to detail and commitment to excellence is refreshing in the current age of corporate sameness. We salute you for your passion for your calling."

  • Diana and David Gallup

"Getting photos which truly represent you and your business is extremely difficult. Typically, your choices are stock photos or having somewhat sterile photos taken of your business that do not express the depth of who you are and what you are about.

Rinat is totally different. She worked with me and my Chiropractic practice and developed a photo marketing strategy which TRULY captures who I am and what I am about. My photos are amazing and what I was always looking for, but never found until Rinat.

Rinat is precise, hard working, and constantly checks back to ensure you are getting what you want. The end product will be fantastic and will exceed expectations. This is not an accident, it is a result of hard work, expertise, and talent. If you are considering Rinat for your photography needs, what are you waiting for? Call her. You will be grateful for years to come as the work she provides keeps on giving."

  • Dr. William Palmer

"Rinat and her team are true professionals, and fun to work with :) Had a photo shoot in Orlando, had no idea what it should be. After talking with Rinat we came up with a game plan and I'm over top impressed with the result. Highly recommend Rinat!! "

  • Larry Felder, Social Media Marketer

"Rinat is awesome. She really knows her stuff. We got incredible "location" shots at a foxhunt and at the courthouse....obviously, two completely different spots, and all the pics came out great. I cannot recommend her enough."

  • Jed Main, Main Law

"Just got done downloading the pictures. . I can't wait to add them all to our family photo wall. Thank you again for the one "special" photo you included - you will always be like a family member to us. I also posted a message on Facebook. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for capturing these memories - love you too♥"

  • Deb Johnston

"Oh my gosh, Rinat -- these are GREAT! I knew you could take a mundane subject and make it beautiful. Can't wait to implement these into their website. Thanks!!!!"

  • Diane Vivian (for Trinity Construction)

"My headshots were amazing! Rinat has a gift for bringing out your personality and capturing it in a way that markets your business professionally and yet feels personable. She has so much marketing talent and savvy! I highly recommend RH Photography Communication."

  • Kathy Wilson

"I took three of Rinat's recent classes and they were awesome. I learned so much, and I can see now that good photography is truly a unique art form that takes a lifetime to perfect. Rinat made all the classes fun and interesting, and has such a gracious manner. I look forward in the future to attending any new photo tours she does."

  • John Adams

"I wanted to express my sincere thanks to you for your unselfish giving of time and talent to the dedicated group of photography hungry students who began our beginner classes with a definition for ISO, and after advancing from class room to intermediate, field trips and completing advanced classes, where the entire class were shooting elapsed-time night photography. Thanks for the three distinct photography courses that you so professionally presented. Sharing the thoughts of other students, we all think you are heartfelt in how you teach. We thank you!

  • J. Dean Watts

"Ben and I had such a fun time! Rinat is super talented we were impressed how many awesome photos she captured in such a short window of time. Highly recommend her services!!"

  • Melissa

"Thanks for another wonderful course. What a wonderful experience to develop an eye that sees the world a bit differently -- truly, a conscious pleasure. Looking forward to the next one."

  • Ann Mooney

"Rinat is a photography goddess! I am so in love with the photos she took. She truly chose the best 20 for our 'Our Love Story' photo album! I showed my sister in law and she said, "these are so natural, they look like you two weren't even posing." Rinat made it such a fun and relaxing photoshoot, I'm very happy with our decision to have her be our photographer"

  • Kelley Cozzi

"I've been in marketing for over 18 years. The majority of my background is running ad agencies. Rinat does an outstanding job! She is creative, understands client needs, and delivers a great product. Check out her work and see for yourself. I highly recommend her! I will be using her again in the future!"

  • Andrew

"Thank you so much for my wonderful pictures!!! They are incredible and EXACTLY what I wanted."

  • Sarah Selvarengaraju

"When we are finished in July, do you have any other talks? The residents really enjoy you and I would like to see if you could come back more often."

  • Kelsi

"I was highly impressed with the professionalism, precise, and most of all attentiveness.. And the results of pictures speaks for themselves. Absolutely perfection.."

  • Vanessa Echols

"The photos are amazing! Thank you so much!! I'm sure some will be posted on Facebook and I will make sure to credit you. I'll make sure to tell everyone to use you if they need any photos done. Thanks again!"

  • Erica Jones

" Rinat photographed our wedding 8 years ago and I'm still in love with the moments she captured for us. Timeless and professional work"

  • Rebecca Gongage

"My sincerest thanks for your time and talent. The photographs are amazing!! I'm so thrilled to have such wonderful images. It as always was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to working with you again soon."

  • Kerry Kraus Mohring

"Oh Rinat! I just cannot stop looking at my pictures. They brought tears to my mother's eyesThanks again!!!"

  • Jayline Mendez

"The pictures are amazing -- a cousin, who couldn't be there, said that looking at the pictures made her feel like she was there. My sister said she could feel the happiness. I love the candid -- they really did capture the moments. it is also great to have the photos while the feelings of the day are still vivid -- thank you so much for doing it so quickly --thank you again for all your hard work and for sharing the day."

  • Alisa

"Rinat you are one and only, they are beautifulisimasssssssss! I like them very muchhhhh!"

  • Sara

"Simply put COMPLETELY SATISFIED!!!!!! Very professional."

  • Greg Echols

"We can’t thank you enough for the experience we had with you in having some of new images done for our charity and business website. As you know, I chose (3) that I felt would fit perfectly for the sites, but my husband loved them so much that he added two additional images to the package so he could have a few extra. Also, your kindness in donating one image to single mother and her daughter that we helped through our charity at no cost was a beautiful gift that I know she will always remember. We were truly impressed with your ability to capture the essence and atmosphere of what we needed. We are looking forward to having the rest of them done for of my husband for the charity and personally for our family. Again,thank you for sharing your talent with us!"

  • Phil & Teresa Guatella

"I enjoyed your class very much. I learned so much about "the thing" er, camera and I am so grateful you taught me so much. I've taken a few classes at Rollins and this one is by far the best experience. I learned more and enjoyed it more. Thank you!"

  • Judy, New Photographer!

"Rinat, You just made my day! Thank you for pursuing this opportunity on my behalf. I really do think that shot as you describe it will make the head shot perfect! Thanks again Rinat - I am incredibly grateful and impressed!"

  • Ryan

"After visiting your website.. My very first impression of you as a photographer was that.. You draw with your camera.. So very impressed with your Photos of Art"

  • Kelvin

"Hi Rinat, You were incredible on Friday. I can’t get over how wonderfully you arranged the pictures. I cannot wait to see the photo disk"

  • Nancy

"I've been looking at more of your work and we feel so honored that you will be with us on our wedding day and capturing these special moments. Your photographs are fantastic! I even recommend you to a friend getting married the end of next year"

  • Meagan Gallagher

"Thank you. For the first time in my life, I left after a photo session, happy, smiling and confident that the photos will be amazing!"

  • Susan

"Thank you! Darren and I will choose our photos as you've instructed and we will share the site with our guests. I am all teary eyed from the few I've seen already! You captured our wedding so beautifully!"

  • Lorraine Allgeyer

"Cesar is crying. I guess that should tell you how happy we are with what you captured. THANK YOU! Ok I'll admit it, I teared up too!"

  • Noel Talavera - Rodriguez

"Three cheers for Rinat Halon of RH Photography and Communications. She devoted an entire afternoon to shooting pictures at Brookdale Island Lake. Thirty Jewish Pavilion volunteers and residents dressed in jewel colors in an effort to obtain the very best possible photos. Rinat donated her time and talent and took hundreds of incredible pictures using Jewish holiday props. She was able to capture the warmth and friendship that are the hallmark of the Jewish Pavilion"

  • Nancy Ludin

"I would recommend Rinat to any business in Central Florida. She is an absolute professional and really pulled out the personalities of my staff in their photographs. It is about the story your business portrays to your clients that separates us from others. Thanks Again Rinat!!"

  • Mark Swartz

"Rinat has captured my most prized memories in life. She was there for my I do's and now photographs my growing family. Love everything about this beautiful professional and woman. She truly loves her job and her clients."

"Thank you Rinat Halon! I love the pictures! You always capture priceless pictures of Julianna💕"

  • Mary Ellen Campbell


  • Kristin Csanas

"Rinat did a fabulous job capturing our little family. We couldn't have been happier with our pictures :-)"

"You are amazing Rinat Halon - the way you look into people's minds when you take their portraits"

  • Daniela Norris

"What a special memory I will always have. Thank you Rinat for so immediately getting me & Zachary without even knowing us! I will cherish these images forever in his memory"

  • Ali Shedian

"They came out amazing! Thank you! I had a hard time narrowing it down. You really did capture the vibe I was going for! I feel like I got great professional and marketing shots."

  • Kristie Mansilla

"Today was the second of three Photography classes that I'm taking with Rinat Halon. I can't begin to tell you what an excellent teacher she is, very explicit with instruction and expectations, imparting her knowledge and expertise in such a clear and concise way. Both classes have been very well thought out and extremely well organized. I'm already looking forward to taking her Photography 2 class next month!"

  • Laurin

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