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Rinat made the photographic session fun and easy! My pictures are fabulous--and that is coming from someone who is not photogenic! Rinat is talented, a master at her craft and a true professional. I highly recommend her for family and professional pictures you will treasure.

~Fran Duvall

Rinat is the consummate professional, and her work is first rate! Our family had a wonderful experience, and we’d recommend her to anyone.

~Kim Short

Never in my life have I enjoyed having my picture taken or loved any of my images. It is just not my thing. So getting a good picture of me to represent my company was other than a necessity also a nightmare for me. And then I met  Rinat. Her holistic approach, support through the process from choosing the right outfits to calming me down, made this into an enjoyable experience. And for the first time ever I actually love my picture! She is a brilliant photographer and I cannot recommend her and her team enough.

~Fre (Frédérique) Rammeloo

My experience with Rinat was wonderful! She helped me understand which outfits would best work for our shoot and helped this decidedly non-model feel comfortable in front of her camera.

She was extremely clear and understandable about how she needed me to pose for the various shots. Once the photos were "in the can" Rinat's process for getting down to the best images among the various poses was very easy to follow. It's almost like she's done this before 😉

After it was all said and done I ended up with fantastic images that I am excited to use. I highly recommend Rinat and her team!

~Mike Neal(HWR)

Loved having my face professional done!  The entire photo session was fun and low pressure. You gave great pointers and I felt very comfortable.

~Jenny Burton

My whole office team had head shots taken for our website.  The whole team says they are the best pictures they have ever had taken!  Rinat and her team did a wonderful job and the experience was fun too!

~ Dianne Webb

I had the best time ever with Rinat and her talented team!  They made me feel like ROYALTY!!!! I love my photos!!!!

~Meghan Hughes

Rinat and her team are absolutely amazing!

I have had other photoshoots done in the past and nothing compares to how I was treated or how things were run.

Before the photoshoot- Rinat came to my house and actually HAND picked the best outfits for me & the feel for the look I was going for!

During the shoot- I was treated as a Princess or shall I say Queen- my makeup and hair were professionally done and I was served Snacks & Beverages... My clothes where even steam ironed just in case...

With each outfit my makeup was also improved with different colors and styles- which I absolutely loved! As Rinat was taking the photos she made sure I was having fun and we were getting a few laughs in.

She is definitely great with people that aren't photogenic or are what they say "Camera Shy"- she'll get your out of your shell.

Now comes the fun part- picking the perfect photos. Again, I was treated like a Queen with Snacks and Beverages and Rinat helped me pick out the best photos.

I can thank Rinat and her staff enough- they really went above and beyond and I absolutely love my new wall portraits and my new headshots! You're a blessing behind the camera!

THANK YOU- Shannon Silva

~Shannon Silva

Rinat was awesome!  Her artistic detail to posture, pose, clothes, make-up and so much more were all phenomenal!  She has an extremely delightful personality that rapidly caught on to both my husband and my goofy personalities which made it easy for all.  We had not had a professional photo taken of us in over 33 years.  Upon seeing our beautiful portraits, we are overwhelmed with them.  She helped to select the perfect background areas, and truly made both of us feel very special.  Thank you Rinat and your wonderful team!

~ Missie

What an amazing experience, from start to finish!  Rinat's a talented professional, in every aspect.

~Jeanie Boudreau

Rinat is 1st rate!!  She and her staff were fabulous, made me feel like a “Rockstar “!

Thank you for an incredible experience, everyone should have it!!

~Sonya Shannon

Great work with fast efficient service and from those closest to you saying “best pic of you ever”.

~Ron Mathis

I don't typically enjoy being photographed, so when my daughter surprised me with a portrait session, I was expecting to have the normal feelings of anxiety and uncomfortableness.  My experience, however, was completely different. Rinat of Rinat Halon Photography had me feeling so many different emotions, all in the "good" category.The pictures turned out so great! In this shot I felt "EMPOWERED." I think it is an appropriate picture and feeling as Danielle and I celebrate our own businesses, Orlando Ceremonies by Kelly and Groves Nonprofit Solutions.

~Kelly Hunsberger

Rinat and her team did an impeccable job with our branding photoshoot.  From the moment I reached out, Rinat was brainstorming creative solutions and new ways of conveying our brand and mission to our clients. Rinat delivered on photoshoot day. Her make up artist did a fantastic job with each person. We still looked like "us" but of course, better! Everything flowed smoothly and everyone felt comfortable. Photo selection was also smoothly facilitated and the story of our business was clearly conveyed in the images we selected. Rinat's communication throughout was excellent. There were no surprises and even with a couple of hurricanes thrown into the mix, we were still able to accomplish our goals. Rinat's talent and passion is evident in her work. I can't wait to use these photos to share our brand and build our new website.

~Ann Marie Palmer

Rinat was an absolute pleasure to work with! She captured our family perfectly and worked calmly with our very active toddler to express her shining personality. We thoroughly enjoyed our session at her home studio. Rinat listened to our intentions and vision from our first meeting... handling everything from coordinating wardrobes, helpful tips and keeping me at ease leading up to the day of the shoot. The reveal meeting we had afterwards was a memory I'll never forget, as we reviewed all the amazing photos and relived all the fun we had that day. Thank you, Rinat!


Rinat is a world class photographer.  She pays attention to every minute detail and it shows in her finished portraits.  When she photographs you, it is an experience you won't ever forget. Trust me, you want Rinat to be your photographer. There is no one better!


I had a great time getting my headshots with Rinat. She was so professional, patient and fun! Getting your makeup done is worth it and it helped make the experience stress free. I had so many pictures I liked it was difficult to choose. Thank you, Rinat!


I am in LOVE with Rinat and this whole experience. She is a true professional and an artist, look no further! The entire process was so easy, lots of suggestions, great guidance, and the end result is unbelievable. I am so grateful to you and your team, thank you Rinat!

~Lorraine Broskie

I enjoyed my experience with Rinat. My pictures are priceless.


Rinat is an exceptional photographer and we have used her many times for my firm and family photos and we are always pleased with the outcome.

~Jim Vickaryous

Rinat never disappoints. I absolutely love my fall theme maternity photos. The whole experience from start to finish is easy. I never considered myself photogenic but Rinat and her team always make me feel at ease and I love the final result. Thank you so much Rinat.

~Mirly P.

Rinat recently did professional photos and headshots for me. She is very professional and makes the process fun! The final product was fantastic! Highly recommend!

~Andrew Irvin

From the initial consultation to the end Rinat was great. The personal service for my daughters senior pics from selecting clothes and getting to know her so she would feel comfortable. Including family and pets was just priceless. Thank you for everything.


I would describe Rinat's photography ability in one word: AMAZING! She make you comfortable during the session, makes you smile and she captures the best of you, inside & out.

~Abraham Halon

What a fabulous experience… Riant had captured my personality with great photos…It was difficult to choose for my professional website and business card head shot. I would recommend Riant and her team.

~Wanda Parisi

Who knew after retirement that I might need professional photos. But as it turns out in this era of social media, and as the volunteer Founding President of Volusia County Women Who Care (VCWWC) I discovered that I did need to update my photos.  As luck would have it Rinat joined VCWWC so I contacted her and shared my desire to have great professional photos to use in a variety of situations.  WOW, I never expected such a unique and fun experience. At our first appointment she interviewed me about what I wanted to accomplish with these photos and what I wanted them to say about me. Secondly, we met to discuss my wardrobe selection for the photo shoot.  She sent me lots of information in advance to prepare. When I arrived we organized my wardrobe selection and the makeup artist worked her magic. But the real magic was Rinat's mastery with the camera. It was so much fun and the results were amazing. So if you find yourself needing photos, I highly recommend Riant Halon!

~Teresa Smith

Rinat made me feel so comfortable & confident in front of the camera. I am so happy with my headshots!

~Savanna Williams

Getting photographed with Rinat was a completely different experience than my last professional photos in the best way possible. The whole process was easy and, dare I say it, fun. She prepared me well leading up to the day with emails answering the Who What Where When Why and How questions. I loved having a professional makeup artist on site to do my makeup and touch up my hair. I also appreciated how she had a plan and helped pose me and loosen me up with different exercises so I looked natural and felt comfortable. Thank you, Rinat!

~Jessica Mitchell

Rinat is amazing! She brings her years of experience and extraordinary talent to the photoshoot. She makes you feel comfortable, powerful and attractive. And she truly captures your essence, not just your smile. I am so grateful for her help in my brand. Nothing is better in business than a first impression that speaks of your confidence and kindness all rolled into one. Rinat is able to capture this. Thank you Rinat! You are in great, skillful hands when you work with talent.

~Kristi Nowrouzi

We have had two experiences with Rinat that have been absolutely fabulous. The first was the family portraits for our wall. I had originally envisioned these portraits on the beach, but at the last minute, to avoid the long drive and extra work, I told her we could do a beautiful colored garden nearby. Having seen the wall space, the inside colors of my home, and how I decorate, Rinat insisted we stick to the beach theme. We took our pictures on the beach, just like I had originally envisioned. Rinat was amazing with her ways in getting us to look natural, like we're not even posing, just enjoying ourselves. It was fun, with hardly any stress, and most importantly, the pictures came out beautiful. More amazing than I could have imagined. Then, a few months later, I scheduled a headshot for one of my daughters who wants to use it for auditions. Rinat's suggestions for clothing and colors were perfect. My daughter had such a good time. There was the make-up session, the hair touch up, the dressing in one outfit, and then changing into another outfit. It felt like the true photo shoot that is was. It was such a great experience for my daughter. And when when I saw the headshots...wow. My daughter looks so beautiful, it almost makes me cry--in a good way!

~Debbie Goncalves

I really don't like having my picture taken...until now. Rinat made me & my family feel more relaxed & comfortable, that we actually  enjoyed it!!! But then the real proof were all the amazing comments of how beautiful & professional the pictures looked...all I can say is - she did an amazing job & I can't thank her  enough-truly a professional!!!

~Sandie Ocampo-Geiger... Sandie O.

It was a pleasure workings with you for our company photos. You and your team made it fun and enjoyable, our images look beautiful. We look forward to working with you in the near future.

~Rita Narcisse

Working with Rinat was a multi sensory experience for me.  You select your outfits, bring them to the studio, and as soon as you walk through the door is game on.  Her staff is there to greet you, get your makeup going, hang up your clothes selections, and when you come out, Rinat is waiting there to instruct you how to sit, where to put your arms, and how to turn your head or neck just a click to where ever she instructs.  The result?  A wonderful time getting something done for yourself that will result in new fresh shots to use as you intended where ever you like.  I needed this for my new season of life.  I feel better showing my real self in semi retirement and love the results Rinat gave me.  I'll be using these in my business and life.  Thanks Rinat!

~Diane Campbell

Rinat was able to capture the picture inner me. The me that was hiding for so many years. She has given me the personal boost I needed. I’ve never done anything like this for myself and so glad that I did with Rinat.

~Martha Vargas

Fun fun fun! Pictures look amazing!

~Carmen Vallone

I was procrastinating on getting my business photos updated.  I don't enjoy getting my picture taken. But I must share that Rinat's process was amazing. From a very thorough consultative meeting to find out my "why", to helping me pick out my wardrobe, hooking me up with a stylist, and having a really fun time - Rinat knocks it out of the park!  I love my images, and I won't wait to have my photos updated ever again!

~Laurie Sudbrink

This was the best experience I have had getting photos done.  Rinat is amazing!!! She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed! The pictures are amazing also. Her eye for photography is the best I have seen. I highly recommend Rinat for any photos that you need done.  I had so much fun!!  Thank you!!

~Tuesday Goodson

We had our family portraits done at the beach and they look amazing. Rinat was wonderful on site, and it was so easy and pleasant to work with her team behind the scenes. I’m so glad we did this.

~ Debbie and Jorge Gonclave

My grandnephew is considering acting. He posed as the various characters he is playing in his high school play. Exceptional portfolio and family photographs created.  He was skeptical but had a great time during the shoot. Rinat, thanks for a fun  experience  and exceptional  photographs.

~Dr. Loretta Forlaw

My hubby and I have been together almost 30 years.  In all of that time, we've never taken the time to get professional portraits taken of us together.   Earlier this year, I invoked the internet to help me get started.  I didn't really know what I was looking for until I found Rinat.   I wanted to work with someone near me, someone who cared about the task, and someone with personality.   After chatting with Rinat over the phone, I knew I had found who I was looking for - and that was before we had even scheduled a session!   Rinat took the time to learn us - learn our quirks, our comfort level, and our personalities.   She made us feel comfortable and relaxed in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.  On our way home from the session, my husband said "I'm glad you picked her, I didn't hate that at all!"   We received our final portraits yesterday, all framed and ready to hang.   Rinat brought them personally to our home and helped us put them in the right spots in our house.   We are forever immortalized in beautifully made portraits that each day remind us how fun we are at this stage in our lives.   It's nice to walk through the house and smile.   😃

~Carrie Ricotta

For my 50th birthday I decided to have professional headshots taken. I was grateful to work with Rinat Halon, Certified Craftsman Award Winning Photographer with over 25 years experience.  She was excellent throughout the process culminating in an easy-going and productive session with great photos! Check out Rinat's website www.rinathalon.com and you’ll see many five star reviews. If you need new photos taken I highly recommend Rinat...you will be happy you did!

~Jeffrey Kahler


This is the first time I ever got headshots done and IT WAS AMAZING, Rinat makes you feel so comfortable and brings out your real smile. I will definitely be back to do more pictures! Thank You SO MUCH!!

~Junior Stery

I had a wonderful experience working with Rinat. She was so helpful and patient every step of the way. My photos look amazing and I’m just thankful to have had the opportunity to work with such an amazing and empowering woman.

~Maylen Sanders

I cannot say enough about my headshot experience with Rinat Halon. From the start, I was really treated to a personalized experience from the informative preparation emails, to the photo session with the makeup artist and the incomparable Rinat, who finds the best side to any face. She made me look way more glamorous than I ever expected! The editing process was quick and painless, and best part, people love the new picture. Thank you again, Rinat!

~Amanda Jacobson

As always Rinat Rocks ! Every time she has gotten the " real me". Natural looking and indeed true to life. She's done my family portraits,  Twice my business offices photo and this makes 3rd series of head shots. Best investment  ever. Highly recommend and she makes even those who don't like having photos done feel good, have fun and get great results.

~Deb Woodrow

This experience was fun! Rinat and her teammate make you truly laugh and smile in the photos so you don't have 'fake looking' smile photos!! If you need photos definitely worth going with a pro team like this one!!


How can one say enough about this amazing professional photographer and her studio staff?  This was the first time I have ever done professional photos, so needless to say I was nervous.  However, from the moment I stepped into Rinats studio, I was put at ease.  I was so well taken care of - I felt special!  The makeup artist and assistant were courteous, efficient, and friendly.  The studio is intimate and fully stocked with mimosas, charcuterie boards, hot tea, and laughter.  Beautiful props adorn the area - but Rinat is the master of posing you with the perfect props.  Everything ran spectacularly smoothly, and at the end of the day, I looked and certainly felt like a million dollars!  What a treat to treat me, this might become an annual event! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me, Rinat.

~Terri Venter

I didn’t have high expectations of myself as I am very camera shy and my physical self esteem suffers at times, but Rinat melted that away with her expertise and personality! I had a wonderful experience participating in her Fabulous 50’s project!

~Cheryl Sabosik

Excellent experience. Very professional and thorough from the moment you book the shoot to the finished product. Provides detailed information and suggestions on how to prepare for the shoot as well. Knows how to bring out your best image.

~Andrew B

Let me start by saying that I do not feel comfortable in front of a camera...never have.  So, when I decided to participate in Rinat's Fab50 Project, I was a bit nervous.    

Rinat was a consummate professional.  She sent timely emails regarding what to wear, what to bring, and how to prepare emotionally for the photo shoot. When I arrived, her staff took care of all of my needs.  As I waited for my photoshoot to begin, I had my makeup professionally done by Angel who was amazing. Rinat's  assistant made sure I was relaxed and had food and drinks to enjoy.

Rinat, using her years of photography experience, helped me choose my final outfits and then the fun began. Rinat and her staff made the whole process feel easy breezy and I can honestly say I enjoyed myself. Who would have guessed? I'm even ready to do it again!  Thank you for such a wonderful experience and for the beautiful pictures!

~Jacqueline Davison

Rinat always makes taking pictures fun. She's professional and helps you feel at ease. This is the second time I use Rinat and her work is never disappointing. Thank you!


Rinat and her team are amazing! The whole experience was wonderful! I highly recommend Rinat! She is the absolute best!

~Dianne Miller

It was an awesome shoot!  I felt like a rockstar.  Rinat was fun, pleasant, easy to follow and great energy.

~ Geraldine Riley

Rinat and her fine team made me so welcome from the start - such a relaxed yet organized atmosphere.  She was so engaging and encouraging, and captured glimpses of the real me (a bit of mystery is always good).   She worked around the fact that I had an injury, and the comfort level is through the roof!  Quality work - she is amazing!

~Teresa Knox

Working with Rinat Halon was an awesome experience. She is a superb and creative photographer. I was thrilled with the results of my photo shoot. Rinat provides  a fabulous make up artist and wonderful refreshments. I highly recommend her!!!

~Nancy Ludin

I had a vision of a family portrait but am by no means a picture kind of man. Rinat and her team were absolutely amazing from start to finish!! As a business owner myself I can appreciate how a business operates and the pride they take in their perspective industry. Rinat and her team made this one of the most professional experiences we could have had! We have 3 kids under 4 and Rinat was so patient and caring!! Only regret I have is that we didn’t do this sooner!! We will defiantly be using her for future photo shoots and capturing as our family grows !! The wall art we received by far exceeded my expectations I was so happy we chose to get them, frames are of great quality as well!

~Zachary Edler

Rinat is a consummate professional, very passionate about her craft. She thoroughly enjoys the experience of photographing and it shows so much in her work. Her process leading up to photo day is very detailed and personal. I was impressed with how she came to my house to go over image options, open the discussion about wall art and making sure I had a say in the background colors. On the day of the shoot, she had a wonderful makeup artist and really took time to make sure we had the most flattering poses. She provided some nice snacks and beverages and really made sure our experience was pleasant. The final outcome can only be described as "WOW"! We fell in love with so many shots and feel so happy with what we ordered. A true family legacy was created. Thank you, Rinat for your wonderful talent and patience.

~Diane Vivian

"I want to get pictures of my wife and spend how much?"  This is the original thought I had.  "I have an iPhone and a camera on it, why can't I just use this?"  The reason is professionalism.  From the beginning process of posing to the framed end result, this is a piece of art, captured in time and beautifully done.  I am so satisfied. This unusual gift is so personal, I suggest getting photos professionally done by Rinat because of her talent.  I smile when I walk into the room and get that sense of, well, you know.  I had three poses framed individually as well as a couple of table top photos.  (Note to Guys:  This is a great gift!). I highly recommend Rinat Halon's work.

~Keith Eichenblatt

I didn't expect to have fun and learn a new makeup tip when I went for my headshots with Rinat and staff.  A great experience with Rinat encouraging you to be at your best during  each photograph. My family and friends love the photographs especially the one I chose to enhance my professional profile.

~Dr. Loretta Forlaw

A fabulous session with fantastic results. Thank you Rinat Halon Neal for bringing out the best version of me in these photographs.  I am uncomfortable in front of the camera.  But Rinat's expertise helped me feel so comfortable AND she was able to get my smile without my eyes closed.  Rinat you are the best.  Reach out to her if you've been hesitant to get those photos done.

~Pat Weber

Thank you to Rinat Halon Neal photography for being so amazingly talented!! Our family never had professional photos taken and I knew it was now or never!! You captured our family is such a beautiful way and the photos are even more perfect than I ever thought was possible. I highly recommend Rinat! She takes care of everything from hair, makeup and snacks then helps choose which photos and even showed us what the wall art will look like on our walls using her magic. Now the hard part in picking which ones for Christmas cards!!

~Betsy Owens

Rinat was wonderful with my children and my dogs who thoroughly did not cooperate! She was polite, caring, and took gorgeous pictures.

~Rachel Whitacre

Just had the most INCREDIBLE experience with Rinat Halon Neal reviewing our family photos and picking our favorite ones.  I cannot wait to receive our wall art.

She is a total GEM! I’m obsessed with her work and she is so talented; The entire experience from start to finish was awesome: from her coming over to our house to get a feel of our home and creating a vision of our photoshoot, to helping us pick out our outfits, to having snacks drinks and a hair & makeup stylist for us the day of the shoot, (even a dog sitter & someone to help with the kiddos) it was just amazing. I’d highly recommend her to any and everyone.

We just had a date with drinks and pizza where she showed us our images! It was so hard to narrow it down, bc they were all breathtaking


She even had digital previews of how the art will look on our walls. Wow! I’m just blown away by her love, joy and generosity. The passion that she has for her career truly shows and we will cherish these pictures forever; They are timeless.

~Rachel Disalvatore

I had 2 headshots taken.....so hard to pick just 2.  Awesome photographs!  Thank you Rinat!

~Marilou Stones

Stunning Photography! I brought my team in for a photo session with Rinat and the whole experience was wonderful from the beginning with the makeup artist and stylist to the individual photos and finally to our team photos. Her team made the whole experience a celebration and such a memorable time together. Every detail was taken care of and we were all made to feel comfortable and pampered. I highly recommend Rinat if you want an incredible experience and amazing photos.

~Kathy Williams

We had a truly fantastic and professional experience with Rinat Halon Photography.  I needed professional headshots for my campaign and it turned into a beautiful portrait session for the whole family.  Rinat’s process makes the whole experience efficient and stress free, from the pre-planning meeting to the day of the event logistics, everything was thought of.  The finished product was more than we could have hoped for, the portraits were stunning, and we thankfully decided to go with one of the larger framed prints to serve as an heirloom piece for our family.  I highly recommend Rinat Halon Photography, and will definitely be using them again for future photography needs.  Thanks Rinat!

~Kyle Becker

I was always of the view that I was not photogenic but that changed when I engaged the services of Rinat.

I can now add 'magician' to her list of skills.

Rinat and her assistant were quite professional in dealing with me. She was very patient and clear in her guidance and directives prior to the shoot. I also felt comfortable and at ease the minute I walked through the door.

At the end of the shoot, it was very difficult in selecting the best portraits because they were all quite fantastic. I am exceedingly happy with the final product as it went beyond my expectations.

Look no further than Rinat Halon. Highly recommended!

~David Chin Fong

Rinat is a truly gifted photographer. My photoshoot was sooo much fun. I loved getting my makeup and hair professionally done so that every photo was amazing. At one point in my photo reveal, I asked Rinat, "Is that really me?" Rinat brought my brand and my business together in beautiful photos. I'm blown away by what she and her team helped me create for my business. Priceless marketing assets! Highly recommend.

Thank you, Rinat for taking my complex branding and making it simple and stunning.

~Katrina van Oudheusden

My session with Riant was amazing! She made me feel so comfortable and the photos came out amazing!! I would highly recommend Rinat to anyone that is looking for a good photographer!

~Miriam Mitchell

We contracted Rinat and her team to photograph a client's entire staff. They were professional, fair, and a joy to work with. Not only that, the photographs are amazing!

~Matt Phillips

The amazing Rinat Halon Neal took these portraits for us. From start to finish it was the best experience and something I will always treasure! Rinat and her team made the whole experience fun (even for the kids!) and the finished product took my breath away! So thankful I made this investment! If you need family portraits Rinat is the BEST!

~Anna Stewart

Rinat is a true professional with passion and experience unparalleled. We LOVE our professional and personal photographs! Thank you, Rinat!

~Arlene Martinez

Rinat, thank you for your patience and for making me look so confident in my pictures. From the planning of the outfits to the makeup and the pep talk throughout my session, it all really helped a lot. Loving my pictures for me is not common so going through the process with you was a learning experience and it gave me reassurance that with the right person and the right planning I can love my pictures.

Thank You, I love all my pictures!!!


Highly recommend!!

I love the products and services that Rinat provides especially her portrait services that she uses to create family heirlooms.
I also love helping parents and teens develop healthy money relationships to set their selves up for future success. Now, I have photos that speaks to my audience.  

~Brittneyann Cover

I was self conscious to get pictures done that only have me in them. Just an expanded version of a few professional headshots. This was not for a wedding, a family photo or a couple photo, but me, alone, with only my face, only my body, and hopefully a smile.  Rinat is very talented and Rinat’s squad…make up, stylist, etc… all did the rest. It took preparation and I didn’t die like I thought I may early in after I scheduled. Rinat and her team addressed every aspect of preparation, even the anxious part. By the time it was the day to do the photo shoot it was more like a retreat and a treat for myself, and that’s what I see in the shots Rinat took. Rinat and her assistant cared for me as Rinat took my picture. If you are nervous, it’s ok, but I would recommend that you overcome it and invest in a few great shots.

~Cate M

I had an amazing experience with Rinat and her team. She had everything taken care of for me. Everything from a stylist to makeup to catered appetizers and on top of that her team kept my girls company during my session so that we could focus on the shoot. She even did a surprise shoot with me and my two girls which wasn’t planned for. After my session, Rinat even included a picture special for my husband. Hands down the best experience I’ve had with a photographer. We will be back for more photos! Thank you so much Rinat!

~Shannon Cooley

Rinat and her team were fantastic. She is a genius at making sure you are prepared and creating an environment that makes you feel special and comfortable. I don't usually enjoy having my pictures taken, but she made the whole experience so enjoyable that I could not stop smiling. She is professional, fun, and highly talented. Thank you, Rinat, for capturing such incredible photos.

~Pam Dionne

Rinat and her team handled everything! The process was so easy and the pictures were beautiful! She even made my badly behaved dogs look like angels! I definitely recommend her for any portrait needs.

~Julie Krieger

Great energy during our shoot! Rinat was amazing at bring out the most natural me. She was incredibly professional, keeping in touch the whole time and kept to our schedule. She was ready with a lot of ideas and even assisted me with selecting an appropriate wardrobe that would not distract with patterns or colors that don't photograph well, ensuring I look my best. I was very impressed with the actual photos themselves during the reveal, which was surprisingly fun. I'm very happy with my shots and have plans to use Rinat again for another project. Highly Recommended!

~Gus Ortiz

I hate taking photos. Rinat made me feel very comfortable. She gave great instruction on where to place my hands and turn my head. She made the entire photo shoot enjoyable....AND...my photographs turned out amazing! Also, she an awesome human being with such great energy. She lights up the room!

~Jennifer Andrews

Rinat was enthusiastic & professional; most importantly, her emphasis in making her clients feel comfortable & confident during the photo shoot. I enjoyed the session and appreciated having a say In how I wanted to present myself. Professional photos should show the person others will recognize as being authentic; the photos I selected for my professional headshots did just that; I see the photos and feel comfortable knowing it’s how others see me. Especially, my signature style with brooches.

~Diane Velazquez

WOW!!!! I wish I had the option of leaving more stars! Everything from the emails prepping me for my photo shoot to the photo selection process was incredible. Rinat is super talented, and she has extraordinary attention to detail. She made me feel very relaxed during the shoot, and she knew just how to make me laugh (and smile naturally) after holding smiles for too long (which would make me look like a deer in headlights).  She really knows how to roll out the red carpet for her customers. I will scream from the rooftops to everyone about this experience! Thanks again, Rinat! :)

~Tim Bargfrede

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I don't even know where to begin... Rinat is Professional, she is talented, and she made me extremely comfortable. I am not the type who enjoys getting my picture taken but I can say I enjoyed the experience with Rinat. She even had  a professional makeup artist!!!  The entire experience blew me out of the water. Rinat makes you feel like a star!! I  highly recommend Rinat! She will NOT disappoint!!

Erin Lamb

Rinat, Did my photos 8 years ago and I knew I wanted her to do them this time. She makes you feel safe and comfortable. She has put together a great team in the last 8 years and I wouldn't consider going anywhere else. I look forward to having her to our family photos later this year.

~Sharon Snow

Rinat and her team were amazing to work with! It was such a fun experience from design consults, to full hair and make up and to seeing the results all laid out! Rinat cultivated an amazing atmosphere during the shoot making me feel so comfortable and beautiful throughout the entire experience. I was so impressed and over the moon with the way the photos turned out! I would recommend her to everyone!


Rinat is very professional and an excellent photographer.

~Luli Pascual, Vickaryous Law

Rinat is THE BEST!!! I’ve done multiple shoots with her and have an amazing experience every time. She is the definition of a true professional. We always blast music and havefun.100000/10 recommend getting photos done with Rinat.❤️❤️❤️

~Skylar Carn

I tend to shy away from the camera but with Rinat's encouragement that began way before we met to shoot, gave me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and love it! Thank you for a great experience!

~Tanisha Angulo

Fun, fun, fun!. Rinat and her entire staff are kind, caring and really know what they are doing, From wardrobe selections that help you look your best to make-up that makes you feel your best and a crazy fun photo shoot. The reveal night was a blast and there are so may great options it really is tough to choose. We have had many compliments on the Christmas cards we had made with Rinat's beautiful photography.
Rinat is a truly a gifted photographer who takes great care to ensure that you really will have an heirloom photograph to cherish not only in your home but with your family and friends too.

~Deedle Eve

I had a great photo session with Rinat, she was very professional and knowledgeable with advising the right poses for my headshots for my website, social media and print media. She was able to get me in quickly as I needed the headshot urgently. She was also kind enough to cater to my request to modify the headshot background postproduction even though I did not initially request this. Overall, I will give her a 5 star rating.

~Tolulope Abikoye

Rinat was fantastic! Patient, high energy, professional and so worth trusting with this difficult task. Could not be happier with my choice to have my business photos taken by this true artist and professional!

~Ann Greenaway

I can't say enough how amazing Rinat is. From beginning to end she was extremely detailed and professional. She new exactly what I wanted even if I wasn't sure. She listened to what I was looking for, took her time to understand my business and my brand and made it all come to life through pictures. Rinat was a pleasure to work with.

~Cyndia Rivera

Rinat is an exceptional photographer. The whole experience of getting the headshots taken was remarkably smooth, and Rinat and her team were very attentive and courteous. I didn't believe magic could happen in that short of a period of time, but the proof is in the photos. I won't repeat what many others have written, but will agree with what they said. Rinat is a true professional, and I highly recommend her!

~Jeffrey George

We love Rinat so much! We joke around saying that my home is her mini art gallery. Her art speaks for itself. What is doesn't show is how warm and caring she is. She really listens to what you are saying and turns your vision into beautiful, heirloom photographs that you can't wait to show everyone.

~Cathy Hood

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience having professional headshot portraits done with Rinat. Beginning with a makeup artist and with the help of her awesome assistant, to her studio with many backdrops and lots of great lighting.....everything was really great. I did the reveal of the portraits with my mother and the photos were so good, we couldn't pick one....so we didn't...we picked 5! Thanks so much Rinat! Keep on snapping!

~Kim Bessette

I have always hated getting my picture taken. The last "professional" photo that I had another person take, made me feel worse about how I looked. When I went to do my reveal with Rinat I was a ball of nerves. The moment my photo came up on the screen I started to feel my eyes water. I LOVED IT. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, ILOVED MY PHOTOS! It was so hard to choose because most of the photos looked amazing. I strongly recommend Rinat Photography to ANYONE! Thank you so much Rinat for making this process easy, stress free, and fun. <3

~Mirly Perugorria, LMT

Rinat was highly recommended by a fellow Realtor, and the entire session was awesome, she is very patient and professional. I have never had any headshots taken, and she immediately made me feel comfortable.
she was so awesome we actually did another photo shoot for my favorite toy (exotic vehicle) and I'm sure those will be as great as the head shots.
I highly recommend Rinat Halton... great experience...

~John Castillo

Rinat is a very talented photographer! I wish I looked this good in real life!! Jokes aside, she takes her time and makes sure you are comfortable and puts in so much effort to really get the best pictures. She gives you tips and works with you to get the exact shot you are looking for. Small suggestions she makes end upmaking a huge difference! It's my second time using her and I'll be back for sure!

~Jonathan Nakhnoukh

My wife and I have trusted Rinat with being our photographer of choice for many different occasions (engagement, wedding, and professional head shots). We have never been disappointed and the results have always exceeded our expectations. Rinat has the experience, knowledge, and sincere caring that makes the difference during the photography session. We can't recommend her enough!!

~David Coutant

Rinat Halon Photography was outstanding in quality, professionalism and responsiveness. More importantly Rinat is an excellent photographer with a business model that worked like a charm to capture my family, including my 2 year old grandson! The key secret to Rinat, her "reveal party"! Best in class. On behalf of my entire family, thank you Rinat!

~Barbara Hollkamp
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